14 Things I Learned in 2014


Some of my favorite memories from 2014! Also, I need a better quality camera...
Some of my favorite memories from 2014! 
  1. Life is too short to spend time doing things you don’t love. FOMO is a lie, people!
  2. Your job will never fulfill you. And it shouldn’t. You should truly only find fulfillment in God. Work hard, but don’t take it too seriously.
  3. Most people are way more open to talking about God than you think or expect. I have been amazed how simple questions and an openness to be vulnerable has lead to so many God-related conversations this past year. People want to talk about God. Don’t be afraid to bring him into a conversation. Tell your story.
  4. Take a risk! Do that thing you’re too scared to do. You might fail, but what if you don’t?
  5. God’s timing is perfect. Mine is not. My daily mantra.
  6. Travel often! Especially as a single person, I can’t think of a better time or opportunity to pack up and go somewhere for the weekend. You will never have this much time or freedom again (if a family is in your future).
  7. Invest in quality friendships. Friendships will change over time and that’s okay. But invest in the relationships you see outlasting the others. Those are the most important.
  8. Relationship problems (specifically in a dating/marriage relationship) are single people problems. Work on your single people problems while you’re single. Draw a circle around yourself and fix everything in it (as Todd Wagner would say).
  9. Spending time in the Word and in prayer are essential to growing in your relationship with God. Similar to all relationships, if you aren’t spending time with the person, how are you going to get to know them and grow in a deeper relationship? Also, spending quality time with God is especially essential if you are pouring into others. You need to spend time with him to align your heart with his and to be encouraged. If you don’t, you will be left dry and disheartened.
  10. People will disappoint you. That’s okay. Forgive them and move on.
  11. God hears your prayers and he responds. I have had a handful of amazing moments this year where God responded to my prayers. These moments were incredible and terrifying all in one. The Creator of the heavens and the earth hears you and wants you to know he hears you! This is truly amazing.
  12. Take care of your body and listen to it. Exercise, don’t skip meals, love the way God made you. Listen to what you’re body is telling you and act accordingly. Care for the temple that God gave you (1 Corinthians 6:19).
  13. God has you in this particular season with these particular people for a reason. Don’t waste the opportunity.
  14. Listen to people. Remember what they tell you and follow up with them. How well you listen directly shows how much you care.

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