#SomethingNew February: Flower Crown Workshop

2016-02-20 16.00.24-2

Don’t think I forgot my #SomethingNew for February! Unfortunately, things have been a little crazy around here, and this is the first chance I’ve had at writing this post. But I’ve been really excited to share it with you because this is one of my favorite #SomethingNew’s to date!

Several months ago, I bookmarked a flower crown workshop that I found through one of the people I follow on Instagram and was saving it for the right opportunity. Well, when my community group asked me to plan a retreat in Fort Worth, this workshop was one of the first things that popped into my head to do.

The workshop was a private class for 8 people, called the “Champagne and Crowns” class, put on by R Love Floral. Compared to a lot of other floral design classes I had been looking at the price was VERY affordable, not to mention champagne was included with the class (HOLLA!).

When we arrived at the studio for our workshop, all of our stations were set up with the materials we needed along with champagne and wine chilling in an ice bucket! We quickly introduced ourselves and got started.

Raquel recommended that we use a thick twine as the base of our crown instead of wire. We measured the twine around our heads to get the correct crown size. Then, we wrapped floral tape around half of the crown, covering where the twine overlapped. Next, we selected the flowers we wanted to use as well as the filler flowers and greenery.

2016-02-20 14.25.53 2016-02-20 14.33.34

The rest is basically repeating the same steps over and over. You make tiny bunches using a big flower and a filler flower (or only filler flowers) and wrap them around the crown with floral tape. The cool part about this process was that you could be as creative as you wanted and use all sorts of flowers with no rhyme or reason, or if you’re super Type A like me, you can make some sort of pattern so it’s a little more structured. 2016-02-20 14.49.29 2016-02-20 15.03.10

Once you’ve repeated those steps and have flowers around your crown, you need to figure out a way to finish it off. This is where Raquel swooped in with her creative juices and helped make the end of my crown look better than just having an inch of floral tape.

2016-02-20 15.03.23 2016-02-20 15.08.12

Making a flower crown was surprisingly easier than I expected it to be. I think I expected it to be harder because most of my other #SomethingNew classes have been really hard and frustrating for me (like here, here and here). But I think with this class I could implement some sort of structure to making the crown while at the same time being creative with what flowers I was using in each bundle and how I placed the bundles around the crown.

I found working with flowers to be really relaxing too. I took a floral design class in high school and remembered thinking the same thing, so it was good to see that my love for floral design hadn’t changed over the years. I will definitely be looking into more floral arrangement classes and make another flower crown or two for a festive occasion (who’s with me?).

Overall, the workshop was AMAZING! Raquel was a dream to work with and offered us step-by-step instructions while still allowing us to be creative with our crowns! I would highly recommend Raquel’s R Love Floral workshops! She also does floral arrangements and flower crowns for special events and weddings. Definitely consider using her! She was such a pleasure to work with.

This workshop was truly the highlight of our weekend and such a useful skill to learn! I mean, the possibilities are endless with where and when you can wear a flower crown. I know this will not be my last time making and wearing one!

2016-02-20 15.18.20


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