February Edit

A lot of my favorite blogs and sites do a monthly post about all of the finds, buys and things that they are loving for that particular month. And because I enjoy reading those posts so much, I thought I would share mine too! I know we’re already a few days into March, but here were my favorites from February:

feb edit

  1. Thrive Market — I’m so excited to share this with y’all! Thrive Market is basically an online and discounted version of Whole Foods. All of my favorite “dry-good” products (think granola, spices, KIND bars, olive oil) are on the site at a discounted price. I just got my first shipment in yesterday, and I’ll be sharing more about my experience next week. Stay tuned!
  2. Meal planning — In order to make my weeks and mornings run more smoothly, I have been taking time on Sundays to get my lunches and dinners together (at least getting my veggies chopped up). I bought these containers at The Container Store and like how well they hold up in the dishwasher and the various sizes they come in.
  3. What I’m currently reading — I started Fates and Furies a couple weeks ago and could not get into it at all. Since it’s my book club book, I needed to press on and keep reading, so I did, and I have to say the second half makes the first half so much better. I’m nearly done with it, so we will see how I like the ending. I’m also halfway through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and have found it really interesting so far. There have been a lot of ideas presented that I hadn’t given much thought to before, so it’s given me a lot of food-for-thought in terms of keeping organized. I’m hoping to finish in the next couple weeks.
  4. Cupcakes & Cashmere Leather Jacket — I have been wanting a leather jacket for a while now, but the price of them always seems to stop me from actually buying one. So when I saw this faux leather jacket go on sale at Nordstrom it was a no-brainer buy! I’ve worn it multiple times in the short two weeks I’ve had it and absolutely LOVE IT!
  5. Moment app — I stumbled across this app a couple weeks ago and downloaded it to my phone right away. Basically, it tracks the amount of time you are spending on your phone, and so far I have found it really convicting. Hopefully it will continue to make me think twice about wasting time on it.
  6. Tangerine La Croix — This is a new flavor of La Croix that is exclusive to Whole Foods (or at least that’s what the sign at Whole Foods said). I really liked it and will be putting it in rotation with my other favorite sparkling waters.
  7. New Balance Shoes — I bought these on sale from Nordstrom after eyeing them for a while (and unfortunately they are sold out now). This is my second pair of New Balances, and I’m pumped to have another color option at my disposal. They are the BEST run around shoe!
  8. Zoodles — These are my new go-to food. I’ve used them in several dishes as a “spaghetti” substitute and also as a vegetable side dish. Since I don’t have a spiralizer (yet…), being able to buy these already spiralized is awesome and so convenient! This company also makes a sweet potato version that I have enjoyed as well.


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