Grocery Store Finds: Thrive Market


Whole Foods is often referred to as “Whole Paycheck,” and we all know why — the place can be EXPENSIVE. A couple weeks ago, I was doing my regular grocery shopping for the week, which includes buying four KIND bars (my favorite pre-workout snack), and as I was checking out, P looks at my four KIND bars and asks if I had ever looked into buying them in bulk instead of individually. To be honest, I really hadn’t thought about this, but because he is a numbers/finance guy, apparently he has.

The next day after doing some research, he found my KIND bars on, and Thrive Market. Since I’m not an Amazon Prime member (meaning no free shipping) and didn’t have the flavors I liked, I went to the Thrive Market website. I was amazed to find my favorite “dry goods” that I buy regularly at Whole Foods sold on Thrive Market for a discounted price. I couldn’t believe it!

My favorite granola (Purely Elizabeth), my KIND bars (all the flavors I like), olive oil, spices, rice, etc. It was AMAZING. P also found his favorites, including KIND granola and Emergen-C — both for several dollars less than he usually pays at Whole Foods.

Needless to say, it didn’t take much convincing to sign up for Thrive Market and make my first order. I bought several bags of granola, three boxes of KIND bars, olive oil, salt, pepper and some of P’s requests (granola and Emergen-C). Because I spent over $49, I got free shipping and free coconut oil and protein powder. I also saved an additional 15 percent off my first order.

2016-03-02 18.07.11

The package came only four business days after I made my order online (I ordered on a Friday and received it the following Wednesday). The packaging was very secure, especially for the olive and coconut oil. We only had one issue with a bag of granola, which I emailed Thrive Market about right after and they immediately issued me a credit and discount on my next order. Overall, my experience was great!

On top of that, I saved a lot of money. Each bag of granola was $1.04 less than I pay at Whole Foods, and I saved $0.20 on each KIND bar. While that doesn’t seem like a whole lot of money in one week, over the course of the year that’s $27.04 on granola + $41.60 on KIND bars, which more than pays for the membership fee of $59.99 annually. And that’s only for two items that I purchased. P also saved money on his items!

Another aspect I loved about Thrive Market was the wide selection of health foods they had. They have all of the (in my opinion) “odd” ingredients that my healthy recipes call for (like almond flour, almond oil, hemp seeds, etc). And they have categories for Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Raw diets. Those categories make it easy for people that follow those diets to find what they are looking for and possible discover new things!

Thrive Market also has a variety of beauty products, vitamins/probiotics and household supplies. I haven’t purchased any of these products yet, but I’ve definitely browsed the categories looking at all they have to offer (A LOT!).

Finally, for every paid membership to Thrive Market, you are also donating a Thrive Market membership to a low-income family. As Thrive Market stated on their website:

“Every year, 49 million Americans experience food insecurity while 80 percent of low-income families resort to buying food they know isn’t healthy just to make ends meet.”

Your Thrive Market membership can give low-income families an opportunity to invest in their health too!

So if you are a health food shopper, at least check out the Thrive Market website and see the brands/foods they have to offer. And then next time you are at Whole Foods or your regular grocery store, do a comparison of the prices. You may be amazed to see how much you could save with a Thrive Market membership! I’m definitely looking forward to discovering new things and making my next order!



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